The Giannozzi Family has been pursuing High-Quality viticulture for 11 Generations. We preserve our territory by using sustainable winegrowing techniques which have a minimal impact on the environment. We invest in innovation and in the defence of our vineyards and Biodiversity, as well as both human and agricultural capital. Our aim is to strengthen tradition, promoting native grapes and local wines.

We work in harmony with the environment, taking care of Biodiversity.

We invest in the idea of sensible, circular agriculture, consuming and wasting as little as possible, making agronomical choices aimed at preserving our natural resources and reducing consumption. We produce renewable energy and protect the organic substance in our soils from erosion.

The Fattorie Giannozzi are located in Marcialla, an ancient Borgo between Siena And Florence, in an ideal position to visiting the beauties of Tuscany. You can taste our wines, walk among our Vineyards or rest in our characteristic B&B.